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FTTX Solution

TTX is a generic term for any network architecture that uses optical fiber which may come in many varieties. Depending on the type of last mail telecommunications : FTTB(Building), FTTC(Curb), FTTH(Home) and FTTN(Node). 

The importance of FTTX does not only offer the bandwidth of big pipe to make the user rapidly surf the Internet, download the music or video or access the documents stored in the file server of remote site quickly but also transform our daily life with potential benefits as follows:、

Keep informing the most updated news by using the real-time stream media

Improving the security of personal home or community by video surveillance

Faster and more secured electrical banking and transaction on line

Become more involved in personal work environment flexibly by using video conferencing

Interactive video entertainment in high definition 

Wolon offer a complete portfolio of solutions which can be customized to the specific needs of our customers. Besides designing, implementation, testing, commissioning and maintenance for various aspects of fibre solutions, we are also able to create customised solutions based on the most trusted information sources available in the industry.


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