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Wolon Communication group is located in optical valley, wuhan, china. Wolon group is established in 2010, listed in 2018, stock code:102897, the current production base covers more than 10000 square meter, now we have 3 factories, with more than 300 employees. We specialized in producing outdoor and indoor optic fiber optic cable, optic patch cord, PLC splitter, SFP+ modules, and CWDM/DWDM multiplexers, HDMI type 2.0 AOC, optic fiber distribution box, and optic cable cross connecting cabinet.

Wolon is engaged in research, development, sale and service of optic fiber cable, optic fiber PLC splitter, optic fiber patch cord, optic fiber connector, adapter, MPO, SFP+ modules, fiber optic terminal box, fiber optic splice closure, WDM multiplexers and other FTTH products. Our optical fiber products have been widely applied to the three major domestic operators, radio and television systems, electric power systems, military, government agencies and other enterprise networks. At the same time, the products are exported to Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia, India and other overseas markets.

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